Sewing Hack: Join Fabric Strips #5minutecraftsvideos
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Sewing Hack: Join Fabric Strips #5minutecraftsvideos

Here's an easy hack to join fabric strips! Video credits: 5 minute crafts #SewingHack #SewingForBeginners

The unique gel ink of The Madam Sew Gel Pens makes clear marks on fabrics and disappears after ironing. Amazing! They have a small, accurate writing point leaving a thin yet nicely visible line and work extraordinarily well on nearly all fabrics. So what you get is a thin, accurate and clearly visible mark that stays visible for as long as you want and is removed with an easy pass of the iron. A must-have for all sewing lovers! One set consists out of 4 Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Gel Pens & now temporarily with 4 free bonus refills (one of each color). Specifications: Writing Point: 0.7mm Writing Width: 0,35mm Ink Color: Blue, Red, Black & White Refillable: Yes Madam Sew's Promise is a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your product, we'll refund your purchase. No questions asked. USE YOUR PENS WITHIN 5 MONTHS To ensure that your creative sewing juices flow uninterrupted, we included 4 refill cartridges. Your pens perform spectacularly for at least FIVE months, then the special gel ink may start to dry out. You receive 1 extra cartridge in each of our 4 ink colors: red, white, blue and black. Order refills only when you run out, so you always have ultra-fresh fabric marking pens!! :-)


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